Bantam Goal Setting

Hey Bantams…

When you were younger, most of your development fell on the coaches to design drills and help you develop skills. But, as we get into the 14U-16U age group, it is time for you to start taking responsibility for your development.

A big part of that will be self-reflection and setting goals.

Here’s an article that talks about setting goals in hockey.

Setting Goals In Hockey: The Complete Guide

You may be wondering, what separates a good hockey player from a great one and how do I level up my skill. Here’s an article that can help you better understand that.

14U/16U: What Separates Good from Great

So, with that, what we’d like to ask you to set some goals for yourself. These goals should be S.M.A.R.T. Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, Time (read the Setting Goals in Hockey article above).

We are asking you ALL to complete this by Wednesday.

Once you establish your goals, challenge yourself to follow through with it. After a drill, a shift, a practice, reflect on what you just did. Did you meet your goals, are you working towards them. What can you do differently the next time? As coaches, It's important for us to know your goals. We'll help you attain them by designing drills that allow you work on them or discuss things your doing or not doing that may help.

Please complete this questionaire.


Set goals: These goals should be measurable goals. After each day/practice you should be able to look back and see if you did the work needed to attain those goals. Think of what you would like to be better at. It can be a specific skill, breaking a bad habit, or improving in a specific hockey scenario. Share these goals with the coaches so we can help you reach them.

Here’s an example: it does not have to be exactly like this. We just want to give you ideas...

I would like to be a better at _____________. I find that I struggle ____________________. To improve at this, at home I’ll __________________. During open hockey I’ll ________________. During practice I’ll __________________. I believe I can commit myself to doing this ______x per week and see visual improvements by _________________.

Learn more about "SMART" goals here.
Learn more about "SMART" goals here.