Bantam Availability

This is an opportunity for these kids to play more hockey. We spent a lot of time discussing other solitions, we concluded that this is the best way to handle this when you get into all of the variables of every family’s logistics, limited numbers and varying skill-sets. We are trying to avoid having too many players on any given weekend.

Note: Each skater needs to attend a minmum of 1/2 of the AWAY games for the team they are assigned to.

If you are unable to play in your B games you will be considred unavailble for A games the same weekend.

The kids that work hard, complete, and show the most improvement througout the season will be at the top of the list for Playoffs.

Carpooling and communal lodging can take care of financial challenges but needs to be worked out separately by families once the coaches decide who’s playing where.

Please use the form below and the weekends you are able to commit your skater to playing. We will then come up with rosters for each game ahead of time so we can plan lodging. 


A Games - @Telluride Nov 12-13
B Games - @Summit Nov 12-13

No A Games Nov 19-20
B Games - @Telluride Nov 19-20

A Games - @Aspen Dec 10-11
No B Games Dec 10-11

A Games - @Vail Dec 17
No B Games Dec 17-18

A Games - @GJ Jan 7-8
B Games - @Gunnison Jan 7-8

No A Games Jan 21-22
B Games - @Vail Jan 21-22

A Games - @Glenwood Jan 28-29
No B Games Jan 28-29

A Games - @Telluride Feb 4-5
B Games - @Aspen Feb 4-5

A Playoffs - Feb 24-26 - Eagle
B Playoffs - Feb 24-26 - Grand Junction